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James 3. Bible Text

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The Tongue Is a Fire

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Highlighted Сomments

Highlighted Сomments.

Hebrews 9. FORUM

We can assume that violations of the Ten Commandments were not "errors" --people knew when they murdered, commit...

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Hebrews 12. FORUM

God disciplines us because He loves us. He also extends His grace and mercy to us, even when we don't deserve i...

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Hebrews 8. FORUM

We are blessed to have a High Priest that can relate to us. Jesus was tempted by Satan. He suffered. He hurt....

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Acts 23. Discussion

Seems like such a corrupt Government. Try to please this group by doing this . . . try to please that group by ...

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Hebrews 11. Bible Text
My study Bible refers to Hebrews 11 as, "The Bible's Hall of Fame of Faith." What a great study! Glory to God!!!

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Corey P.

There are many, many bible study groups online and no offense to any of the others, most do a wonderful job. But this page is my favorite.

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Sindi R.
The teachings are detailed and clearly explained. Thanks.
Mary A
Their message is inspiring. I love it!!
Steve S.
I praise the Lord for this. Thankful the Lord placed it on your hearts/minds to do. It's exciting. Thank you and blessings to you!
Ohnj C
I love your teaching! God has all the glory. Amen.
Tawania M.

I pray God’s blessings upon this. To uplift people and help them to understand the Bible. God is real. He is so worthy of praise. I give Him all the glory.

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Hope T.
Being able to learn so much is just a blessing. Gratitude to everyone contributing. I recommend my friends and family. To God be the glory. From South Africa. Amen.
Leslie G.
We need the knowledge, the wisdom, and the understanding that comes from God, here we have a way to get it and enjoy it. Don’t let this pass!