Revelation 13. Forum Discussion

Satan launches an all out offensive

Satan is launching an all out offensive against those remaining on the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life.

The picture painted in chapter 13 is not one of a weak or easily defeated adversary. Quite the opposite. John writes that the dragon unleashes two beasts. The first is the, “Beast from the Sea.” This Beast is described as:

  • Having ten horns and seven heads.
  • On his horns were ten diadems ( defines a diadem as, “A crown. a cloth headband, sometimes adorned with jewels”).
  • On his heads were blasphemous names.
  • Like a leopard.
  • Having feet like bear, and the mouth of a lion.

What we get from John’s description is that the Beast from the Sea is powerful, fast, strong, capable of inflicting great damage, and an enemy of the Lord.

The 2nd beast described in chapter 13 is the, “Beast from the Earth.” This beast is described as:

  • Having two horns like a lamb.
  • Speaking like a dragon.
  • Making the earth and all who dwell in it worship the 1st beast.

The Beast of the Earth makes earth and all who dwell in it to worship the 1st beast. This beast performs signs and makes fire come down from heaven to earth. He uses these signs to get people to worship him and he asks them to make an image of the 1st beast. They are to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead of either the name of the beast, or the number of his name, “666”.

The stage is set for an epic battle between good and evil. John provides an expected time frame for this battle when he writes that the first beast was given, “Authority to act for forty-two months.”

Lord willing, we will continue this fascinating study on the book of Revelations tomorrow. Amen


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Why is it important not to underestimate Satan?

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Because Satan is powerful and clever. Just as Satan tried to tempt Jesus, and knew when He was vulnerable from fasting for 40 days, Satan will try to tempt us in our moments of weakness. We have to remember how strong he is, so that we can gear up to resist him and remain loyal to Jesus. The Bible says that if we resit the devil, he will flee from us. (James 4:7).


It's great to know that Jesus will ultimately defeat Satan and good will triumph over evil for eternity. Here on earth, the news is often about the worst parts of humanity. There is no place for that in heaven and that makes me want to be there.