John 13. Forum Discussion


What was going through Jesus’ mind as He prepared for His crucifixion and to rejoin His Father in heaven?

Was He nervous?

Was He excited to leave behind all the people trying to harm Him and return to His Father in paradise?

It is hard to say. His actions show us that He came to serve others, as demonstrated by His washing of the disciples’ feet. It is a humbling thing to have somebody else wash your feet. Jesus was teaching His disciples how to serve others and how to be humble all the way until the very end.

“The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” – Mathew 20:28

Later, Jesus predicts His betrayal. He says very succinctly, “Truly, truly, I say to you, that one of you will betray Me.” – John 13:21. He lets Judas know that He is aware that Judas is planning to betray Him and turn Him in to be crucified.

It must have hurt a great deal to be betrayed like that.

Jesus knew what was in front of Him. He knew that one of His closest friends was about to betray Him by turning Him in. He also knew that another one of His friends was going to deny even knowing Him, not once, but three times!

He tells Judas, “What you do, do quickly,” and Judas leaves immediately. Jesus was ready to do what He came to do. He was ready to die for our sins.

The end of chapter 13 shows us how Jesus lets us make horrible decisions and hopefully learn from them. Think about Peter, when He hears Jesus say that He is leaving them, and they can no longer be with Him.

Peter hears what Jesus is saying but he doesn’t understand. There is a difference between hearing and understanding. Peter hears Jesus say that He is leaving, but he doesn’t understand that Jesus is talking about His death and returning to be in heaven with God, His Father. Peter asks, “Lord, where are You going?” Jesus responds, “Where I go, you cannot follow Me now; but you will follow later.”

Peter persists, “Lord, why can I not follow You right now? I will lay down my life for You.”

Jesus answers, “Will you lay down your life for Me? Truly, truly, I say to you, a rooster will not crow until you deny Me three times.” – John 13:36-38

Note how Jesus knew EXACTLY what Peter was going to do to Him. Jesus does not get angry, or bitter. Jesus allows Peter to go down this hurtful path without trying to intervene. God gives us freewill and uses life experiences to teach us and to shape us. Some of our decisions are better than others. God is always waiting with open arms to forgive us, when we let Him know we are sorry and that we are going to try to do better. We will soon read about how Peter denies Jesus, exactly as Jesus told him that he would. In the same way, God allows us to make poor decisions. If we are wise, we will seek ways to learn from these experiences, and constantly adjust to be more and more like Jesus.



Unfortunately, people deny Jesus in all sorts of ways.

From not attending church, to selfishly focusing only on our fleshly pleasures, and every time that we put something else before Him.

It takes a commitment to be a disciple of Jesus. When we get things mixed up, we can repent and return to Him and He will receive us with open arm.

Claudine Eivazians

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