Read and post reviews for Virtual Bible Study.

  • Williams C.
    It has blessed me in a tremendous way all throughout the day!
  • Uzziah M.
    It gives me a lot of inspiration.
  • Sindi R.
    The teachings are detailed and clearly explained. Thanks.
  • Dennis D.
    It gives me a lot of inspiration.
  • Diesebel C.
    About the work of God and how to pursue our faith in God's words of wisdom.
  • Charmine D.
    I am inspired all over again. . . The word (Jesus) is alive. Amen.
  • Dan W.
    It's wonderful to focus directly on the text of the Bible. It's so helpful!
  • Mary A
    Their message is inspiring. I love it!!
  • Christina C.
    It is really effective to remain faithful and to remember always our creator Lord God.
  • Jfox G.
    Spreading the gospel. Words of hope and encouragement.