Read and post reviews for Virtual Bible Study.

Jfox G.

Spreading the gospel. Words of hope and encouragement.

  • Steve S.
    I praise the Lord for this. Thankful the Lord placed it on your hearts/minds to do. It's exciting. Thank you and blessings to you!
  • Corey P.

    There are many, many bible study groups online and no offense to any of the others, most do a wonderful job. But this page is my favorite.

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  • Debora S.
    Spreading the word about God and His love and salvation where people can join together as one mind sharing the love of Jesus Christ.
  • James G
    Seems great! It's a bible study group
  • Tawania M.
    I pray God’s blessings upon this. To uplift people and help them to understand the Bible. God is real. He is so worthy of praise. I give Him all the glory. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to find this page. God bless you all!
  • Ohnj C
    I love your teaching! God has all the glory. Amen.
  • Arrie D.
    It gives me inspiration and makes it convenient for me to get to read the Bible with my busy schedule and helps me make time for our loving, heavenly Father.
  • Hope T.
    Being able to learn so much is just a blessing. Gratitude to everyone contributing. I recommend my friends and family. To God be the glory. From South Africa. Amen.
  • Leslie G.
    We need the knowledge, the wisdom, and the understanding that comes from God, here we have a way to get it and enjoy it. Don’t let this pass!
  • Demietra J.
    This is a great way to focus on God and get deeper into His word.